Paul Mellon Annual Lecture 2014

This year Mark Bills, Director of Gainsborough House, will give the Annual Paul Mellon Lecture entitled 'William Powell Frith, Derby Day and the Road to Ruin'.

(November 10th, 2014, The Turf Club)

Paul Mellon Annual Lecture 2013

Annual Paul Mellon Lecture 2013

November 2013

In November, the British Sporting Art Trust held its annual Paul Mellon Lecture. We were thrilled to welcome as our guest lecturer the wildlife sculpture, Hamish Mackie. Hamish spoke about his life and work and gave an interesting insight into the processes involved in creating his sculpture.

Born in 1973, Hamish grew up on a livestock farm in Cornwall, England. He developed a love of wildlife at an early age. After Radley College, Falmouth School of Art and studying design at Kingston University, it was in 1996 that Hamish began sculpting full time, thus turning his passions into a career. In 2007 Hamish built a studio in Oxfordshire, where he now lives and works with his wife Laura and their three daughters Isabella, Matilda and Otterlie.
Hamish has travelled to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Africa and United Arab Emirates to study his subjects. “Observing animals in their own environment is essential to understanding the subject’s physical and instinctive traits. For example, the disposition of a captive leopard is very different from that of a leopard in the wild.”