Fund Raising Art Auction : Sponsored by Juddmonte- Artists revealed

A Big Thank to everyone who supported The British Sporting Art Trust. Art on a Postcard Auction.

Everyone who bid contributed to us reaching our final target. Thank you. 
We are also grateful for the generous sponsorship of Juddmonte which enables every penny raised to go towards the work of the BSAT and The Auction Hub who hosted the event. 
Over 50 artists  generously contributed works to our major fund-raising event. The concept was simple - artists and sports personalities  created art works on a post card and these were sold at a timed online auction which starts on 11th November.  The list of contributors included leading artists, Maggi Hambling,  Charles Church, Hamish Mackie, Daniel Crane, and Susie Whitcombe and personalities Lester Piggott and Bob Champion, to name but a few.

Now the auction has finished we can reveal who created what!

Sponsored by 

Contributers include:- 

Maggi Hambling
Charles Church
Dougie Adams Alex Edwards Hamish Mackie
Elizabeth Armstrong Alistair Erskine Mary-Clare McCulloch
Andrew Balding Felicia Fletcher Trudi Ochiltree
Zanna Wilson Charlie Fellowes Vicky Palmer
Clare Brownlow Hannah Fowler Alice Peto
Anna Bruce Samuel Francis Lester Piggot
William Buick Robin Furness Ann Pointing
Willie Carson Jessica Gale Annabel Pope
Sarah Cemmick Terence Gilbert Sir Mark Prescott
David Cemmick Elizabeth Gilbey Audrey Rapier
Roger Charlton Nikki Goldup Rebecca Reid Scott
Bob Champion Angela Goodman Ripley  
Henrietta Charteris Teddy Grimthorpe Lucinda Roper
Tory Lawrence Bridget Wood Joan Scott
Paul Cleden Debbie Harris Tim Scott Bolton
Rosemary Coates Abbie Hart Amy Shuckburgh
Lucinda Coldrey Philip Hook Lynn Spencer
Rose Corcoran Keith Hopewell Tania Still
Mark Coreth Alastair Jackson Sam Travers
Malcolm Coward Lynn Keddie Penelope Treadwell Anderson
Georgina Crisford John Kelly Jonathan Armigel Wade
Luca Cumani Elizabeth Kitson Silvy Wetherall
Johnny Delafield Cook Matthew Lacey Susie Whitcombe
Tristram Lewis Charles Lane Kate Rhodes
Minette Bell Macdonald     Daniel Crane