Sporting Art Talk George IV and Sporting Art

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                                   Thursday 9th December 11:00am
                        Sporting Art and George IV

Sally Goodsir 
Curator Decorative Arts Royal Collection Trust 
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Sponsored by Rountree Tryon Galleries

The popular image of George IV as a corpulent and petulant monarch might reflect aspects of his later life, but overlooks a youth spent in the participation and spectating of several sports, and the patronage of sporting art. George IV’s sporting pursuits permeated every aspect of his private, and some of his public, life. Drawing on the extensive and in some instances relatively unknown works in the Royal Collection, this lecture will show how the younger man enjoyed equestrian sports including hunting, racing and carriage driving, shooting, archery, cricket, fencing and boxing. In his later years his sport of choice was angling, which provided ample opportunity for the satirists to lampoon.