Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Hills, Robert E.Hil. 1
Holiday, Gilbert Gale and Polden, Aldershot E.Hol. 1
Holiday, Gilbert Tryon and Moorland Gallery E.Hol. 2a
Howell, Peter Ackermann E.How. 21
Howell, Peter E.How. 22
Howell, David E.Howe. 1
Huggins, William E.Hug. 1
Horse Racing. The Complete Guide to the World of he Turf Collins A.Herb 1
Hunting Magazine A.Hun. 1
Hunting Magazine, Christmas,2005 A.Hun. 2
Hunting Magazine, Spring, 2008 A.Hun. 3
Hunting Magazine, Summer,2008 A.Hun. 4
Horse & Hound, The Hunting Year Hamlyn A.Mee. 1
Horse Paintings. Book of 30 Postcards Pavilion Books D.Pav. 1
Armytage, Julian Heritage of the turf; exhib of racing prints, 1740-1910; 10-14 June 1986 85 pages, pbk G.Arm.1 1986
Armytage, Julian Heritage of the turf; … 85 pages, pbk G.Arm.1a 1986
Armytage, Julian Heritage of the turf; … 85 pages, pbk G.Arm.1b 1986
Arnold, Peter History Of Boxing Hamlyn F.Box 24
Barnes, Simon Horseesweat and Tears Heinemann Kingswood A.Bar.1
Beaufort D. of/Mowbray Morris, Hunting Longmans Green A.Bea.1
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