Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Beckett, Oliver Herring, J.F.& Sons J. A. Allen E.Her. 1c
Billet, Michael Highwaymen and Outlaws Arms and Armour Press. K.Bil. 1
Birkett, Lady Hunting Lays & Hunting Ways John Lane. The Bodley Head A.Bir.1
Brook, Major Gen. Geoffrey Horsemanship, Dressage and Show Jumping Seeley, Seervice & Co. Ltd. J.Broo. 1
Brown, R. A. Horse Brasses. Their History & Origin R. A. Brown J.Bro. 1
Brown, R. A. Horse Drawn Carriages Quartilles Int. Ltd. K.Bro. 1
Cameron, A.D. Howe, James Aberdeen University Press E.How. 1
Clutton - Brock, Juliet Horse Power Natural History Museum J.Clu. 1
Cook, Sir Theodore History of the Equine Turf Virtue & Co. A.Coo.1-6a
Copeland and Sons, L. T. Herring, J.F. (Snr.) E.Her. 4a
Craig, Dennis Horse Racing Penguin Books A.Crai. 1
Crascredo, Hunting Lore-Shocks for Fox and Field. Country Life Ltd. A.Cra. 2
Cropper, Charles James Hunting scraps; the hunting diary of C J Cropper 221 pages, hdbk E.Cro.1 2013
Downey, Fairfax/Brown, Paul, Horses of Destiny Charles Scribner's Sons J.Dow. 1
Duchess of Devonshire, Deborah Home to Roost & Other Peckings John Murray 2009
Edwards, Eric Hare & Hounds- The Aldenham Harriers The Book Castle A.Edw 1
Egerton-Warburton Hunting Songs B.Eger.1 1883
Espezel, da Fosca History of Painting from Byzantine to Picasso Oldbourne Press, London D.Esp. 1
Goodall, Daphne Machin Horses of the World Country Life Ltd J.Goo. 2
Grigson, G. Horse & Rider. 8 Centuries of Equestrian Paintings Thomas and Hudson D.Gri. 1
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