Good Companions : The Many Roles of our Canine Friends

Good Companions

The Many Roles of our Canine Firends.
31st July - 1st November

The next loan exhibition at Palace House will look at the shared history of humans and dogs. Dogs are the first animal domesticated by man and teh importance to our lives is reflected in our art. They are recorded in cave paintings of the Palaeolithic period tens of thousands of years ago, they populate Egyptian Hieroglyphics the pottery of ancient Greece and Babylonian wall reliefs.

Initially domesticated for hunting and survival, their role has evolved as human civilisation developed. This exhibition will use art and objects from the British Sporting Art Trust and public and private collections to look at the diffferent roles dogs have, and continue to play in our lives from 18th to the 21st century.

Three main themes will be explored: sporting and working dogs, the rise in popularity of dogs as pets and companions and the way dogs have acted heroically, particularly in theatres of war. Loans include and early Gainsborough of a  Gentleman with a dog in a wood, Important works by Alfred Munnings of his wife Violet Munnings Riding on Exmoor and Captain Sutherland and works by Robert Bevan and Elisabeth Frink.

An Exhibition Catalogue can be purchase from our website shop.