Sporting Art Talk

Sporting Art Talk 
13th May
11: 00am

via Zoom 
20 minute illustrated talk 
By NHRM Packard Curator, Sally FLetcher

NHRM Packard Curator, Sally Fletcher will talk us through the highlights of the exhibition,  Sporting Talk : The forgotten history of everyday speech.
We use sporting phrases every day without realising where they come from. There are some that are obvious, like ‘the ball’s in your court’ but there are others whose origins are not so clear.

May 18th will see the reopening of NHRM. This talk will be a good introduction to this fascinating exhibition. 
​​​​​​The exhibition includes many rarely seen works from the BSAT collection. The exhibition briefly opened prior to lock down and has now been relocated to the top floor galleries of Palace House. The Exhibition uses works from some of the most respected sporting artists such as Sir Alfred Munnings, Emes,  Cruikshank and Rowlandson to illustrate how popular sayings have their origins in sporting history. The works on display include rare archery, hunting, fishing and boxing prints