Postcards of Horses, Sports and Country Life

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Postcards of Horses, Sport and Country LIfe 1900-1920
Compiled by Robert Fountain

Publisher Palette press
pp-103 col. III 232 12 x 21cm

This little book is a compilation of over 200 photographs of postcards of the country life from 1900-20. The collection is an eclectic mix of sports, pastimes and attitudes from the period.


These postcards provide an interesting insight into how countryside life was perceived during this period. A time of much social change. From the rise of the motorcar to the greater participation of women in sports such as tennis, golf and cricket. However it was still a time when the horse remained central to rural life both in terms of transport, agriculture and leisure.


Many well known artists such as Lionel Edwards, F A Stewart Lynward Palmer and others provided illustrations. This book is a useful reference to all those studying visual representations of sport.

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