A to Z of artists Ward, James 1769 - 1859

James Ward was born in Thames Street, London on 23 October 1769. At first training to become a mezzotint engraver, he increasingly preferred painting. His subjects ranged from portraits to animals (especially cattle), horses, sporting scenes, landscapes, allegory and history. To start with his manner of painting was similar to that of his brother-in-law George Morland (q.v.) but soon developed into a more impasto and voluptuous style similar to the work of Reubens which Ward much admired. Nearly 400 of his paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy, British Institution and Society of Artists between 1790 and 1855. He was elected an Associate of the Academy in 1807 and a full member in 1811. In 1817 he was awarded the premium offered by the Directors of the British Institution for an Allegory of the Battle of Waterloo. Many of his paintings were engraved, and he lithographed a series of fourteen celebrated horses (dedicated to his patron, George IV) which were issued from his house in Newman Street in 1823 and 1824. He left London in 1829 and was soon in financial difficulties before being granted a small pension by the Academy. A telling picture of the man can be gleaned from part of his obituary notice in the Illustrated London News of 24 December 1859: "An early riser and indefatigable workman, having six, seven or eight works in each exhibition till his 86th year when his health broke down. For thirty years resided at Cheshunt and there died 16 November 1859 in his 91st year. Gentle in manner, amicable in disposition and of varied accomplishments, of piety unaffected but profound, and during his latter years the Bible his constant solace and its revelations of Hope and Mercy never failed to bring a beam of joy and gratitude into his lustrous eye." 

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