A to Z of artists Apostool, Cornelis 1762 - 1844

Cornelis Apostool was born on 6 August 1762 in Amsterdam in the Dutch Republic. From 1784 to 1786, he was a pupil of landscape painter Hendrik Meijer at the art academy in Amsterdam.

In 1786, Meijer and Apostool went to England, where Apostool stayed and lived to work as an engraver of aquatints. In 1796, he returned to his native country and from 1798 to 1802,  worked as an illustrator for the Agency of Interior Police and Water Management and later the Council of Interior Affaires. 

After another period working in London, in 1808 Apostool was appointed director of the Royal Museum in Amsterdam, which office he held until his death. He died on 10 February 1844 at the age of 81 in Amsterdam.