Robineau, Charles Jean

Daniel Mendoza


Daniel Mendoza, Champion 1794-1795, was considered a most elegant and scientific boxer. Starting in the sport aged 16, his first notable victory was over Harry the Coalheaver in 1784 in a match of 118 rounds. Mendoza suffered significant injury in the bout and retired for three years studying the art of defence. On returning to boxing, he impressed the Prince of Wales and, with the prize-ring now sponsored by the Prince, the law was inclined to turn a blind eye to the illegal sport. This mezzotint was published on the eve of Mendoza’s second fight with Humphreys to make a pair with Hoppner’s portrait of Humphreys.

Artist Robineau, Charles Jean
Title Daniel Mendoza
Dimensions 60 x 73.5 cm
Category Mezzotint
Reference 2005.016

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