Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
VICTORIA, Australian State of G.Vic. 1
Video. 150 Years of the Grand National A.Vid 1
Video The Racing Year, 1987 A.Vid 10
Video . Sires on Video Pacemaner Video Promotions A.Vid 2
Video Lester Piggott, My 12 Greatest Races A.Vid.3
Video The Cheltenham Festival A.Vid 4
Video Lochsong, Queen of Speed A.Vid 5
Video Flat Review, 1994 A.Vid 6
Video A Horse Called Nijinsky A.Vid 7
Video Lester Piggoy. A Classic Tribute A.Vid 8
Video The Racing Year,1986 A.Vid 9
Verhoeff, Mirjam E.Ver. 1
Verhoeff, Mirjam E.Ver. 2
Villas, Patrick E.Vil. 1
Vine, John E.Vin 1
Vine,John E.Vin. 1
Various Articals on Coach Guns, Fowling Guns & Other Weapons A.Cre. 1
Video. A History of Horseracing A.Fra. 1
VHS Tape of 1988 Soeul Olympic Games 1988 F.Oly 4
Video. The Story of the Olympics F.Oly. 5
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