Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Encyclopedia of the Horse Octopus J.Har. 3
Edwards, Lionel Alpine Gallery E.Edw. 05
Edwards, Lionel Peter Lunn, London E.Edw. 12
Edwards, Lionel Medici Society & the Sporting Gallery E.Edw. 13
Edwards, Lionel Moss Bros. & Co. E.Edw. 14
Edwards, Lionel Putnam E.Edw. 15
Edwards, Lionel MacMillan & Co.Ltd E.Edw. 16
Edwards, Lionel Penguin Books Ltd. E.Edw. 17
Edwards, Lionel Peter Lunn, London E.Edw. 18
Edwards, Lionel Country Life, London E.Edw. 19
Encyclopedia of Sport Heineman F,Spo 1-4
Encyclopedia of British Sport ABC - CLIO C.Cox. 1
Equine Images. Collectors' Guide to Horses in Art P.Equ. 01
Equine Images. May, 1987 P.Equ. 02
Equine Images. Fall, 1987 P.Equ. 03
Equine Images. Spring, 1988 P.Equ. 04
Equine Images. Summer, 1988 P.Equ. 05
Equine Images. Fall, 1988 P.Equ. 06
Equine Images. Winter, 1988 P.Equ. 07
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