Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
WALLACE COLLECTION William Clowes Ltd. G.Wal. 1
War Horse and Elephant Orient Monographs J.Dig. 1
WHITTAKER, ROGER, Herefordshire G.Whi. 1
WILTON HOUSE Phaedon Press G.Wil. 1
Waterlog - The Magazine for the Absolute Angler Wilderness Edition A.Wild. 1
Why Didn't They Tell the Horses Puffin Plus J.Mck. 1
Wanklyn, Joan Privately published E.Wan. 1
Ward, James. Ward, Moorland & Their Circle E.War. 3a
Ward, James E.War. 4
Watrigant, Hubert de E.Wat. 1
Whitcombe, Susie E.Whi. 1
Whitcombe, Susie E.Whi. 2
Williams. The Williams Family of Painters E.Wil. 1
Wootton, Olive E.Woot 1
Wootton, Olive E.Woot. 1
Wootton, John Oscar & Peter Johnson E.Wtt. 2
Way, G B C Way. 5
Way, R.E. C.Way.03
Way, R. E. and G. B. (Booksellers) C.Way.1
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