Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Horse Trials and Horse Shows The Midland Bank. J.Equ. 4
Horse Trials and Horse Shows J.Equ. 5
Horse Trials and Horse Shows J.Equ. 6
Hunting. The Badminton Library Longmans,Green & Co. A.Bad.1
Horses In Fact And Fiction Jonathan Cape J.His. 1
Horsemanship 1528 - 1985 J.Hun. 1
Horses of a Lifetime J.A.Allen & Horse & Hound Library J.Lit. 1
Hunting Tales Maverick, Northampton B.Cli. 1
Hunting Lore-Shocks for Fox and Field. Country Life Ltd. A.Cra. 2
Hunting Poems B.Why. 2
Hann, Priscilla E.Han. 1
Hayward, Tim E.Hay. 2
Hayward, Tim E.Hay. 3
Henderson, Gerard D.A. E.Hen. 21
Henderson, Charles Cooper E.Hen. 2
Henry Cooper, the Authorised Biography of Britain's Greatest Boxing Hero BBC Worldwide Ltd. London F.Box 32
Herring, J. F.(Snr.) E.Her. 2
Herring, J.F.(Jnr.) & Benjamin E.Her. 3
Herring, J.F. E.Her. 5
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