Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
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Edwards, Lionel D.H. Edwards, Lionel Newman Naeme Ltd. E.Edw. 10
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Firth, David England v Australia Book Club Associates F.Cri 4
Frith, David England v Australia - A Practical History of the Test Matches since 1877 Richard Smart Publishing F.Crii. 4a
Hole, Christina English Sports and Pastimes B. T. Batsford Ltd. F.Hol. 1
James, Philip English Book Illustration. 1800-1900 The King Penguin Books D.Jam. 1
Kalman, A English naïve paintings; from the collection of Mr & Mrs A.Kalman, London Pbk D.Kal.1
Laver, James English Sporting Prints Ward, Lock Ltd. D.Lav. 1
Massey, Evelyn Evelyn Massey's Hunting Caricatures Johnsons of Nantwich A.Mas. 1
Phillips Early British & Victorian paintings; 18.6.96 118 pages, pbk H.Phi.1 1996
Rountree Tryon Galleries Exhibition of topographical paintings from 18 century…. 2014 38 pages, pbk H.Try.29 2014
Sabin, Frank T Exhibition of Old English sporting prints; Oct 28- Nov 26 1976 Pbk, booklet G.Sab.1 1976
Schmit-Jensen, E. Equestrian Olympic Games, Ancient & Modern Welbecson Press Ltd. J.Sch. 1
Sim, Andrew English Racing Stables Dial Press A.Sim. 1
Sotheby's European sculpture & works of art 900-1900; 28 )ct 2003 14 pages, pbk H.Sot.86 2003
Stratton, Charles Encyclopedia of Show Jumping and Combined Training Robert Hale J.Str. 1
Walker, Stella Enamoured of an Ass, a Donkey Antholgy Angus & Robertson J.Walk.1
Watson, J. N. P. Edwards, Lionel The Sportsman's Press E.Edw. 07a
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