Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Aldin, Cecil E.Ald. 03
CHRISTIES, South Kensington H.Chr. 92
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 53
Aldin, Cecil E.Ald. 04
CHRISTIES, South Kensington H.Chr. 93
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 54
CHRISTIES, London H.Chr. 94
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 55
Apollo. The International Magazine of Art & Antiques The Yale Centre for British Art G.Mel. 18
CHRISTIES, South Kensington H.Chr. 95
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 56
Pollard, James E.Pol. 5
CHRISTIES, London H.Chr. 96
Riding Class, A Book of Instruction for the Young Rider Ebury Press J.Bhs. 1
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 57
Aldin, Cecil Burlington Gallery E.Ald. 08a
Pollard, James Sotheby & Co. E.Pol. 5a
CHRISTIE'S, London H.Chr.83
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