Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Tryon, Aylmer Kingfisher Mill A.Try. 1
Tuke, Diana R Bit by Bit J. A. Allen & Co.Ltd. J.Tuk. 1
Turbervile, Turbervile's Book of Hunting, 1576 Clarendon Press A.Tur. 1
Turina, J. Miguel Morar Las Casas del Rey Fernando Checa, Madrid A.Tur. 1
Uglow, Jenny Bewick, Thomas Faber and Faber E.Bew. 2
Underhill, G. F. A Century of English Foxhunting R. A. Everett and Co. A.Und. 1
Unknown., Famous Sporting Prints. Coaching The Studio. D.Z. 1
Upton, Peter Desert Heritage Skilton and Shaw J.Upt. 1
Upton, Peter The Arab Horse The Crowded Press J.Upt. 2
Upton, Roger Hood,Leash and Lure Roger Upton A.Upt 2
Upton, Roger A Bird in the Hand Debretts Peerage Ltd. A.Upt. 1
Vaizey, Marina 100 Masterpieces of Art Artus Publications Ltd., for M &S D.Vai. 1
Vale, Edmund The Mail Coach Men Cassell and Co. K.Val. 1
Vandervell, Anthony So This Was Shooting Flying, Sporting and Leisure Press B.Van. 1
Vanderville/Coles, Game and the English Landscape Debretts Peerage Ltd. D.Van. 1b
Various authors, Hunting Marshall Cavendish A.Z. 8
Various authors, The Poetry of Sport Badmington Library B.Bad. 1
Various authors, A Treasury of Horse Stories Hutchinson and Co. Ltd. J.Sel. 1
Various authors, Deer, Hare & Otter Hunting Seeley, Service & Co. for the Lonsdale Library A.Lons 1
Various authors, The Lord Taveners Fifty Greatest Golfers Kingswood/Quixote F.Gol. 4
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