Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Watney, Marylian Royal cavalcade; a history of carriages … 96 pages, hdbk K.Wat.1 1987
Watney, Marylian The Elegant Carriage J. A. Allen and Co. K.Wat. 1
Watson, J. N. P. British Hunts and Huntsmen Batsford A.Wat11-14
Watson, J. N. P. Edwards, Lionel The Sportsman's Press E.Edw. 07a
Watson, J. N. P. Millais Family The Sportman's Press E.Mil. 1a
Watson, J. N. P. Collecting Sporting Art The Sportsman's Press D.Wat. 1a
Watson, Neil Scotch and Water A.Wat. 1
Webster, Mary Wheatley, Francis Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art E.Whe. 1
Weir, Robert/Brown, Moray & O, Riding and Polo Longmans Green J.Wei. 1
Welcome /Collins., Payne, C.J. " Snaffles"" Stanley Paul E.Pay. 1-2
Welcome /Collins., Payne, C.J. "Snaffles"" The Lambourn Press E.Pay. 3a
Welcome /Collins., Payne, C,J. "Snaffles"" The Lambourn Press E.Pay. 6
Wellington, Hubert Delacroix, Eugene Phaidon Press E.Del. 2
Wentworth, Lady Horses and Ponies of Britain William Collins J.Wen. 1a
Wentworth, Lady The Authentic Arabian Horse J.Wen. 2
Wentworth, Lady The World's Best Horse George Allen and Unwin Ltd. J.Wen. 3
West, Julian Travelling the Turf Kensington West Productions A.Wes. 1-4
West, Julian Travelling The Turf Kensington West Productions A.Wes. 4a
Whitehead, Kenneth G. Deer of the World Constable and Co. Ltd. A.Whi. 1
Whyte-Melville, George J. Songs and Verses Constable B.Why. 1
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