Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
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Wildrake (Editor), Cracks of the Day Rudolph Ackermann A.Wil. 21
Wilkinson, Dr.David Early Horse Racing in Yorkshire & the Origins of the Thoroughbred Old Bald Peg Publications A.Wilk. 1
Willet, Peter The Classic Racehorse Stanley Paul A.Will 1
Willet, Peter The Classic Racehorse Paul A.Wilt 1
Williams, Dorian Great riding schools of the world MacMillan Publishing Co. Ltd. J.Wil.1
Willoughby de Brooke, R. G. Veerney, 19th Baron The Sport of our Ancestors Constable A.Will. 1
Wilson, Alison Drawing and Painting Horses The Crowood Press D.Wil.2
Wilson, Julian Julian Wilson's 100 Greatest Racehorses Macdonald A.Wils 1
Wimhurst, C.G.E. The Book of the Hound Frederick Muller A.Wim 1
Wingfield, Mary Ann Sport and the Artist. Vol.1. Ball Games Antique Collectors' Club F.Win. 1
Wingfield, Mary Ann Sport and the Artist. Ball Games Antique Collectors' Club D.Win. 1
Winstone, Daphne Flame Peter Lunn J.Win. 1
Wood, Christopher Dictionary of Victorian Painters Antique Collectors' Club C.Woo. 1b
Wood, J.C. Lt.-Col. A Dictionary of Animal Painters F.Lewis C.Woo. 1
Wood, Peter Thoughts on Beagling Country Life A.Wood. 1
Woolner, Lionel R. The Hunting of the Hare J. A. Allen A.Woo. 1
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