Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Snelgrove, Dudley British Sporting and Animal Prints, 1658 - 1874 Tate Gallery for the Yale Centre for British Art D.Sne.1
Sparrow, Walter Shaw British Sporting Artists from Barlow to Herring John Lane, The Bodley Head D.Spa. 1b
Sparrow, Walter Shaw British Sporting Artists The Bodley Head D.Spa. 3
Sporting Life & Biographical Press, British Hunts and Huntsmen The Biographical Press A.Z.4,5,7.
Sportsman, The British Sports and Sportsmen Sports and Sportsmen Ltd. A.Spo. 1-2
Stenlake, Frances Bevan, Robert E.Bev 02
Stenlake, Frances Bevan, Robert 1865-1925 E.Bev 4
Stenlake, Frances Bevan, Robert Unicorn Press E.Bev. 2
Summerhayes, Reginald S. British Horses Moss Bros. J.Sum. 6
Tuke, Diana R Bit by Bit J. A. Allen & Co.Ltd. J.Tuk. 1
Uglow, Jenny Bewick, Thomas Faber and Faber E.Bew. 2
Walker, Stella British Sporting Art in the Twentieth Century The Sportsman's Press D.Wal. 2a
Watson, J. N. P. British Hunts and Huntsmen Batsford A.Wat11-14
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