Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Morland, George George Morland; art, traffic & society 99 pages, pbk E.Mor.5 2015
Nettleship, J. T. George Morland & the evolution from him of some later pictures Hdbk E.Mor.4 1898
Pilley, Phil Golfing Art Stanley Paul and Co. Ltd. F.Gol. 1
Rawstorne, Lawrence Gammonia, or The Art of Preserving Game Eclipse Sporting Gallery A.Raw. 1
Rutezynski, K. Gentlemen - The Horse D.Rut. 1
Saver, Gordon C Gould, John Henry Southeran E.Gou. 1
Stubbs, George George Stubbs, 1724-1806 Tate Gallery Publishing D.Stu.1
Tanner, Michael Great Jockeys of the Flat Guinness Publishing A.Tan. 1
Vanderville/Coles, Game and the English Landscape Debretts Peerage Ltd. D.Van. 1b
Williams, Dorian Great riding schools of the world MacMillan Publishing Co. Ltd. J.Wil.1
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