Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Edwards, Billy Legendary Boxers of the Golden Age Blitz Editions F.Box. 4
Egan, Pierce Life in London Sherwood, Neely and Jones A.Ega. 1
Ellis, C. D. B. Leicestershire and the Quorn Hunt Edgar Bachus A.Ell. 1
Feversham, Anne, Countess of L' Ombre sur la Lande Editiions du Passage, Paris. A.Fev. 2
Hoylake, Janet Learning To Drive Ponies Faber & Faber Ltd. London J.Hoy. 1
Le Vivier Library Le Vivier Library of sporting books & modern 1st eds; 30 Oct 2012, London 152 pages, pbk G.Viv.1 2012
Lichtenstein, Roy Lichtenstein, Roy Christie's E.Lic 01
Loftie, W.J. Landseer, Sir Edwin Blackie & Son Ltd. E.Lan. 6
Luard, Lowes Dalbiac Luard, Lowes Dalbiac Faber and Faber Ltd. E.Lua. 3
Lyne, Michael Lyne, Michael J. A. Allen and Co. E.Lyn. 3
Marques, Manuela B. Mena La Casa & la Historia del Dibujo Occidental A.Man. 1
Menier, Gaston La Chasse du Samedi 12 Jan. 1925 Private A.Men. 1
Morden Laura Knight A life 2017.10 2014
Noettes, C. Lefebvre des L'Attelage Le Cheval de Selle A.Picaard, Paris D.Noe. 1a
O'Donoghue, Mrs. Power Ladies on Horseback. James Shiells and Co. J.O'Don. 1
Ormond, Richard Landseer, Sir Edwin Nat.Galleries of Scotland E.Lan 7
Ormond, Richard Landseer, Sir Edwin 1803-1873 Philadelphia Mus. of Art & TheTate E.Lan. 1a
Phalipan, Mon. de Vaux Les Chevaux Marvielleux J.Peyronnet, Paris D.Pha. 1
Piggott, Lester Lester, the Autobiography of Lester Piggott Partridge Press A.Pig. 1
Simpson R.I., Charles Leicestershire and its Hunts James Lane, The Bodley Head Ltd. A.Simp. 2
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