Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
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Basket & Snelgrove, MELLON, Paul G.Mel. 17
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Earl, Maud Maud Earl, master of canine art, by William Secord. AMCG Pbk, article E.Ear.1 1988
Egerton, Judy MELLON, Paul The Tate G.Mel. 13
Egerton, Judy /Snelgrove, Dudley, MELLON, Paul G.Mel. 14
Felton, W. Sidney Masters of Equitation J. A. Allen J.Fel. 1
Gilby (Bt), Sir Walter Morland, George Adam and Charles E.Mor. 2
Goodman, Jean Munnings, A.J. Erskine Press E.Mun. 12
Goodman, Jean Munnings, A.J. E.Mun. 16
Hart-Davis, Duff Millais, Raoul Swan Hill Press E.Mil. 2
Herbert Martin Mark Wallinger E. Wall.1 2011
Lindsay, Lionel Munnings, A.J. Eyre and Spottiswoode E.Mun. 10
Mackay Smith/Druesdow/Ryder, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF FINE ART H.Met. 1a
McAusland, Hugh Man and the Horse Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York A.Mac. 1
McCullagh, Michelle Michelle McCullagh, …, exhibition 24 page pbk pamphlet E.McC.1 2012
McTaggart, M. F. Mount and Man Country Life Ltd. A.McT. 1
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Munnings, Alfred J. Munnings, A.J. Museum Press Ltd. E.Mun. 04a
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