Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Marler (William) Gallery Opening exhibition & annual exhibition 24 Sept-19 Nov 1983 24 pages, pbk G.Mar.2 1983
McCausland, Hugh Old Sporting Characters & Occasions Batchworth Press A.McC. 2
McPhail, Roger Open Season. An Artist's Sporting Year Air Life Publishing Ltd. A.McP. 1
Nevill, Ralph Old English Sporting Prints and their History The Studio D.Nev. 1a
Nevill, Ralph Old English Sporting Books The Studio D.Nev. 2
Nevill, Ralph Old Sporting Prints The Connnoisseur Magazine D.Nev. 3
Nevill, Ralph Old Sporting Prints Spring Books D.Nev. 4
Oriental Sporting Magazine, The Oriental Sporting Magazine The Courier Press, Bombay A.Z. 3
Sabin, Frank T Old English sporting prints Pbk, booklet G.Sab.2
Sabin, Frank T. Old English Sporting Prints Frank T. Sabin D.Sab. 1
Scott, Sir Peter Observations of Wildlife Phaidon Press A.Scot. 3
Shields, John Gillies Old Tom of Tooley. Father of the Quorn Privately A.Shi. 1
Sly, Debby Olympic Eventing Masterclass Daavid and Charles J.Sly 1
Pages: 12
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