Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Parker, Gill E.Par. 2
Payne, C.J. "Snaffles"" E.Pay. 4
Payne, C.J. "Snaffles"" E.Pay. 4a
Payne, C.J. "Snaffles"" Milwood Press E.Pay. 5
Pointer, Jonathan Jonathan Cooper E.Poi 01
Ackermann Pleasures & pastimes, bosoms & breeches, …, 21/2 - 23/3 1991 51 pages, pbk G.Ack.17 1991
Alken, Henry Thomas Photocopy of A Cockney's Shooting Season in Suff MacLean B.Alk. 2
Blacker, Philip Philip Blacker, recent bronzes, 20-29 Nov 2002 Pbk, booklet G.Bla.1 2002
Bonhams Paintings, incl. work by Snaffles…, 24 Apr 2002 78 pages, pbk H.Bon.86 2002
Bonhams Paintings, incl. works by Snaffles…, 27 Nov 2002 72 pages, pbk H.Bon.87 2002
Bonhams Paintings, incl. work by Snaffles…, 15 Apr 2003 44 pages, pbk H.Bon.88 2003
Bonhams Paintings, incl. work by Snaffles…, 25 Nov 2003 68 pages, pbk H.Bon.89 2003
Bonhams Prints; 1 Dec 2003. Bonhams 84 pages, pbk H.Bon.90 2003
Bonhams Paintings, incl. works by Snaffles…, 16 Nov 2004 54 pages, pbk H.Bon.92 2004
Bonhams Pictures, incl. works by Snaffles…, 25 Apr 2006 61 pages, pbk H.Bon.93 2006
Curling, Peter Peter Curling, recent paintings; Venice, Tipperary & the Turf Pbk D.Cur.1 2003
Edwards, Billy Portrain Gallery of Pugalists of England, America and Australia Pugilisstic Publishing Co., London & Philadelphia F.Box 12
Eliot, Elizabeth Portrait of a Sport. The Story of Steeplechasing Longmans, Green and Co. A.Eli. 1
Ford, John Prizefighting - The Age of Regency Boximania David & Charles, Newton Abbot F.Box. 2
Hayes, M. Horace Points of the horse: A treatise on the conformation, movements, breeds and eveolution of the horse Stanley paul J.Hay.2
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