Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Somerville, Edith E.Som. 1
Stories about Horses George G.Harrap & Co. J.Gas. 1
Stanhope Jacqueline E.Stan. 1
Stanhope, Jacqueline E.Stan. 2
Stewart, F.A. Collins E.Ste. 1
Stinton, Gary E.Sti. 1
Stinton, Gary E.Sti. 2
Sporting Magazine Pitman P.Spm.93c
Still, Tani E.Stil. 1
Sporting Magazine Pitman P.Spm.93d
Sporting Review, 1845 P.Sr. 1
Stubbs, George E.Stu. 03b
Stubbs, George E.Stu. 05
Shooting. The Badminton Library. Longman,Green & Co. A.Bad.2
Shooting Longmans Green & Co. London A.Bad.3
Stubbs, George E.Stu. 18
Stubbs, George Chatto & Windus E.Stu. 21
Stubbs, George E.Stub 10c
Stubbs, George E.Stub. 15a
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