Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Fly Fishing J.M.Dent & Sons A.Gre 1
Fighting Back Dept. of Jewish & Hebrew Studies.UCL F.Box. 31
Folder & Photo Album, donated by Robert Jennings K.Jen 1
Ackermann First past the post, … racing prints … St Leger & Derby, 7 -31 May 1986 111 pages, pbk G.Ack.19 1986
Allen, Mark Falconry in Arabia F.Fal. 1
Bell, I Foxiana Country Life Ltd. A.Bel.1
Bland, Ernest Flat Racing Since 1900 Andrew Dakers Ltd. A.Bla.1
Broadrib, Gerald Felix on the Bat Eyre & Spottiswoode F.Cri 5
Dettori, Lanfranco Frankie, the Autobiography of Frankie Dettori Collins Willow A.Det. 1
Dixon, William Scarth Fox-Hunting in the Twentieth Century Hurst & Blackett Ltd A.Dix. 21
Elliott, J.M.K. Fifty Years Hunting with the Grafton & Other Packs Horace Cox A.Elt. 1
Falkus, Hugh Falkus & Buller's Freshwater fishing: a book of tackles and techniques … Grange Books F.Fal.2
Ford, Emma Falconry, Art & Practice Cassell & Co. A.For. 1
Fothergill, G A Fothergill, G A John Sampson, York E.Fot. 1
Fothergill, G A Forthergill, George A John Sampson, York E.Fot. 1
Graham Budd Auctions Football, rugby & racing memorabilia 112 pages, pbk G.Bud.1 2004
Graham Budd Auctions Footbal & horse racing; 1st Nov 2006 160 pages, pbk G.Bud.1a 2006
Henning, Fred Fights for the Championship. The Men and Their Times Licensed Victuallers' Gazette F.Box 14
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