Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Henning, Fred Fights for the Championship Licrnsed Victuallers' Gazette F.Box 15
Lalaisse, Francois Hippolyte Francoise H Lalaisse, 1810-84; 60 works on paper; 26 Nov- 19 Dec 2014 Pbk E.Lal.1 2014
Llewellyn, Lt. Col. Harry M. Foxhunter in Pictures Hodder and Stoughton J.Lle. 1
Paget, Guy Ferneley, John & Family Backus, Leicester E.Fer. 1b
Paisey, Robin M. Ferneley, John Leicestershire Museums Publications E.Fer. 2
Portland, H. G. The Duke of Fifty Years & More of Sport in Scotland Faber and Faber A.Por. 1
Pugh, L. P. From Farriery to Veteniary Medicine R. C. V. S. A.Pug. 1
Salvin, Francis Henry Falconry in the British Isles Beech Publishing House A.Sal. 1
Sugg/Whitehead/Vere, Fly Tipping Rod & Gun Publishing A.Sug 1
Taunton, Theo Famous Horses, Portraits,Pedigrees, etc. Sampson Low, Marston and Co. A.Tau. 4
Taunton, Theo Famous Horses Sampson, Low, Marston & Co. Ltd. A.Tau. 5
Trew, Cecil G. From Dawn to Eclipse Methuen and Co. Ltd. J.Tre. 3
Tryon Gallery Further prints from pictures in the Jockey Club Rooms at NKT Pbk, booklet G.Try.1 1973
Unknown., Famous Sporting Prints. Coaching The Studio. D.Z. 1
Vincent, The Revd. J. Fowling, A Poem Cadell and Davies B.Vin. 1
Winstone, Daphne Flame Peter Lunn J.Win. 1
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