Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Basket /Snelgrove., Rowlandson, Thomas Barne and Jenkins Ltd. E.Row. 1
Berry, Claude de P Racing at the Top Devon & Exeter Chase Ltd. A.Ber.1
Berry, Claude de P Racing at the Top Devon & Exeter Steeplechases Ltd A.Ber.1
Bird, Anthony Roads and Vehicles Arrow Books Ltd. K.Bir. 1
Boalch, D.H. ROTHAMPSTEAD COLLECTION Rothampstead Experimental Station Library, Herts. G.Rot. 1
Coventry, Arthur/Suffolk, Earl of, Racing Longmans Green A.Cov. 1
Custance, Henry Riding Recollections and Turf Stories Arnold A.Cus. 1
Fairley, John Racing in Art John Murray D.Fai. 2a
Gill, James Racecourses of Great Britain Barrie & Jenkins A.Gil.1
Harris, Stanley Racing Memories of the North Cotswolds P. Drinkwater, Shipston-on-Stour. A.Har. 1
Hayes, M. Horace Riding and Hunting Hurst & Blaackett Ltd J.Hay. 1
Hayes, M. Horace Riding on the Flat and across Country W.Thacker & Co. A.Haye. 2
Hayes, M. Horace Riding and Hunting Hurst and Blackett Ltd. J. Hay. 1
Lyle, R. C. Royal Newmarket. Putnam and Co. Ltd. A.Lyl. 1
Masefield, John Reynard The Fox Heinemann B.Mas. 1
Masefield, John Right Royal Heinemann B.Mas. 2
P.Mellon & J.Baskett, Reflections in a Silver Spoon William Morrow and Co., Inc. A.Mel. 1
Pawson, H. Cecil Robert Bakewell - Pioneer Livestock Breeder Crosby, Lockwood and Son Ltd. J.Paw. 1
Rarey, J.S. Rarey's Horse Taming G. Routledge & Sons J.Rar. 1
Riely, John Rowlandson, Thomas Yale Cen. for Brit. Art E.Row. 3
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