Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
Ripley Ripley; fine art photographer artist Pbk, pamphlet E.Rip.1 2013
Rountree Tryon Galleries Recent acquisitions 2015, 14-24 April 30 page, pbk, booklet H.Try.27 2015
Savory, Jerold. J Rowlandson, Thomas Cygnus Arts/G. Cockerill Press E.Row. 4
Watney, Marylian Royal cavalcade; a history of carriages … 96 pages, hdbk K.Wat.1 1987
Weir, Robert/Brown, Moray & O, Riding and Polo Longmans Green J.Wei. 1
Whyte-Melville, George J. Riding Recollections E. Giberne J.Why. 1
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