Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
The Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette Sherwood and Co. P.Asp. 2
The British Racehorse P.Brh. 76
The Sunday Times Illustrated History of Football Reed International Books F.Foo. 5
Then and Now F.Gol. 3
The Ryder Cup F.Gol. 7
The Ancient Olympic Games British Museum Publications Ltd F.Oly 10
Tennis and the Olympic Games Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum F.Oly 11
The Ancient Olympics Oxford University Press F.Oly 12
The Golden Book of the Olympic Games Vallardi & Associati, Milan F.Oly 13
The Guiness Book of Olympics, Facts & Figures Guiness Superlatives Ltd. F.Oly 15
The Sports Photographeer of the Year Book Kingswood Press F.Oly 6
The Austerity Olympics Aurum Press Ltd F.Oly 9
The Ancient Olympic Games British Museum Press F.Oly. 1
The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece G.A. Christopoulos F.Oly. 3
The Flat. Flat Racing in Britain since 1939 Grorge Allen & Unwin Ltd A.Mort 1
The Art of Sport The Best of Reuters Sports Photography Pearson Education F.Reu 1
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 08
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 09
The Sporting Magazine P.Spm. 10
The Railing Tennis Collection F.Ten 2
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