Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
The Turf of Old. Stories of Old Newmarket. H.F. & G. Witherby B.Bat. 1
The Country Life Book of Horse & Rider Country Life Books J.Owe. 1
Trowell, Jonathan E.Trow. 1
Trowell, Jonathan E.Trow. 2
Tunnicliffe, Charles Excellent Press, London E.Tun. 1
The Horseman's Bedside Book J.Pon. 1
The Collected Sporting Verse of Will H. Ogilvie Constable & Co.Ltd., London B.Olg. 2
The Irish RM Complete Faber & Faber B.Som. 3
The Morgan Horse J.A.Allen & Co.Ltd J.Spen 1
The World's Greatest Horse Stories Paddington Press Ltd B.Wat 1
The Falconer A.Fal. 1
The National Sporting Clun, Past & Present Sands & Co., London F.Box 21
Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress Longman,Hursr, Rees,Orme & Brown F.Box. 26
The Race of the Century. Grundy & Bustino at Ascot George Allen & Unwin Ltd A.Hawk 1
The Artists' Handbook of Materials & Techniques The Viking Press, New York C.May 1
The Public Catalogue Foundation C.Pub. 16
The Lord Taveners Fifty Greatest Heinemann-Quixote F.Cri. 12
The Sporting Magazine Sherwood Jones & Co. London P.Asfg. 3
The World of Cricket, 1750-1999 F.Cri. 3
The Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette Sherwood and Co. P.Asp. 1
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