Author Title Publisher Notes Shelf No Year
THE KENNEL CLUB Tate, London H.Ken. 2
The Benson & Hedges Book of Raacing Colours Jockeys' Assoc of Great Britain A.Ben.1
Tales from the Turf Weidenfeld and Nicholson A.Bern.
The Diary of a Cotswold Foxhunting Lady, 1905 -1910 Amberley Publishing, Glos. A.Wit 1
The Illustrated Guide to Dressage Pelham Books J.Lor. 1
Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam E.Tai.1
Taylor, Brian The Gallery, Cork Street E.Tay 1
Thelwell, Norman E.The. 1a
Thorburn, Archibald E.Tho. 1
Thorburn, Archibald E.Tho. 2
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Equestrian Sports Marshal Cavendish J.Mea. 1
Toms, Nicola James Huntingdon-Whiteley E.Tom 2
Toms, Nicola E.Tom. 1
The Complete Book of the Horse Hamlyn J.Mor. 2
The Silver Horn & Other Sporting Tales of J.Weatherford Garden City Publishing, New York B. Gra 1
Toms, Nichola E.Toms. 2
Towne, Charles E.Tow. 1a
Trickett, John E.Tri. 1
Trowell, Jonathan E.Tro 1
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